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Love my new chevron wool scarf by @madebyvoz. The dye is oak moss, the designer is Veronica Currivil.
Nov 15

Love my new chevron wool scarf by @madebyvoz. The dye is oak moss, the designer is Veronica Currivil.

@ty_ushka + moi = Thanu y @marimachobk
Sep 8

@ty_ushka + moi = Thanu y @marimachobk

Wild sunflower
Aug 30

Wild sunflower

Aug 30
May 20

Call of the Dispersed, or Dispersal

We are all are dispersed

Seed by seed 

Until all that is left are symbols,

Old as time. 

A lion, a dragon
A wheel, a moon and star

as sunrise.

(a poem, for south asia)

Apr 29

She’s Come Undone

Some men are as immovable as mountains. And so, she’s come undone. Starring Desiree Godsell as the one who’s come undone.

Music by The Zombies

Apr 29

Under the Sun

This single by songstress Parker Brown is a beautiful R&B ballad for an epic love.

Laeticia Emmanuel stars as a young woman who dreams of becoming a renowned dancer. She builds a stage on the Brooklyn waterfront and DUMBO.

Apr 29

The Goddess of Spring

My friend, muse and dancer, Desiree Godsell and I shot this at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She and I wanted to explore the new blossoms and greenery in some sort of flora worship way. The end result draws inspiration from Octavia Butler, African American futurist and science fiction writer, and uses Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone from the Sun” as the psychedelic landscape upon which she plays.

Enjoy this original Book of Ditties production!


Tanwi Nandini Islam

Actor and recent NYU Tisch MFA Calvin Dutton and I roamed the streets of Bushwick to put together a story loosely connected to The Magician card in the tarot deck. The resulting narrative follows him around on a day full of mostly tripping on himself, until he meets the Billiards Queen (played by moi). Then things start to turn...ahem, up.

I Got the (Blues) : Bushwick from book of ditties on Vimeo.

Apr 29

I Got the (Blues) : Bushwick

I shot this video on the streets of Bushwick, with actor and recent NYU Tisch grad Calvin Dutton. We wanted to tie a story around The Magician card in the Tarot, a card of power, skill and cosmic connection. The story follows a young magician as he embarks on a trip in his hood.


"I got the (blues)" by Labi Siffre